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Art Deco design is one of our favorites. The Deco period began in the early 1900's and incorporated many other styles,

including Art Nouveau and Neoclassical. Furniture and architecture from this period has very distinct, defining overtones and structure reflecting a populace that focused on decorative elements and reinforced avant-garde attitudes. Think Radio City Music Hall -- probably the most widely recognized Art Deco design.


Art Deco furniture is often viewed as art as well as functional.


Want to bring Art Deco pieces to your home? We'll be happy to custom design one for you! We pride ourselves in producing Deco and Deco-influenced pieces.


Here are some classic Art Deco furniture features:


  1. Sleek and smooth. Art Deco furniture usually features shiny and sleek materials. Look for inlaid wood patterns in tabletops, vanities, buffets, etc.
  2. Sensuous lines. With rounded lines and sensuous curves, Art Deco furniture may boast a high-gloss, lacquered finish, or it may include reflective elements such as polished chrome accents or inlaid glass baubles. Smooth domes and rounded depressions are common in Art Deco pieces.
  3. Opulent style. The Art Deco era embodied decadence and opulence. Architecture and furniture styles of the period featured lavish, bold patterns and geometric shapes.
  4. Optimistic design elements. In the United States, the Art Deco rage peaked during the Roaring 20's, as the nation recovered from World War !. Starbursts, chevrons and sunbursts, along with abstract and botanical patterns are often found in Art Deco furniture.


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