Custom furniture acquisition

Easier than you think

How often have you shopped for furniture and found almost the piece you wanted...and you ended up settling for something that wasn't quite right? What you really wanted was a different size, had a different finish, or had drawers instead of shelves or any number of other features.


You probably thought that having the piece custom-made would be far too expensive. Little did you know that often custom designed and manufactured furniture is affordable...and available from Waters Custom Furniture.


The perfect piece for your home, reflecting your style is surprisingly easy to obtain.

                       The process


1. Contact us via the Contact page or by email ( Let us know the type of furniture you'd like (table, desk, entertainment center, bed, etc.). If you're looking for a specific style, please tell us (deco, mission, contemporary, etc.). Feel free to enclose a photo or sketch.

2. When we receive your request, we'll send you a couple of sketches. For larger built-in units, we will make an appointment to meet with you to discuss the work, take measurements, talk about your needs and any specific design elements or requirements you may have. We'll then send you a couple of concept sketches.               

3. When you receive the sketches, we'll discuss what you like or dislike about each concept, and fine tune the design. We'll also go over the various woods and finishes available.  

4. When we have the overall concept in place, we will make a scale drawing. Hopefully, you'll be able to come to the shop to go over the woods and finishes, but if distance and time prohibit a visit, we can mail samples to you.  At that time we also supply a quote for the work.  

5. If you decide to order the piece (or peices), simply send a deposit. We will schedule the work for production. 

6. After that, we get down to the business of making your custom furniture -- procuring material, fabricating and finishing the piece. When it is completed, we'll contact you and schedule delivery.

7. We deliver and install your beautiful new piece and present you with the bill. You pay cash or check, we leave, everyone very happy!


    Now you get to show off your specially-designed, custom-made furniture and make all your friends and relatives envious.

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